Islamic Studies Jaya Arnikon

The Islamic study forum PT Jaya Arnikon held a study conducted online via Zoom on Friday (23/7). This online study was initiated by the directors of PT Jaya Arnikon, who during the Covid-19 pandemic, studies which are usually held routinely every 2 weeks have been closed for almost 1.5 years. By holding this study, it is hoped that it will eliminate the thirst for knowledge which has not been filled for 1.5 years. Ustadz Yus Ibnu Yasin as a resource person gave material with the theme “interpreting sacrifice during a pandemic” teaching us to always be grateful and share. By always sharing is a form of our gratitude to the creator for what He has given. One of the most important things during this pandemic is health. With health we can work, do useful activities. With the title of the material, the participants were enthusiastic enough to ask some interesting questions.

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