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Brief of Company History

PT Jaya Arnikon was established on August 3, 2007 based on the deed of establishment of the company with Notary Deed No. 01 with Notary Sondhy Haryawan, SH, MKn. In line with the government’s development program, PT Jaya Arnikon is determined to play an active role in implementing it, based on confidence in one’s own abilities in a professional and responsible manner. Jaya Arnikon is a national company engaged in the procurement of construction services which includes the construction of:

  1. Building
  2. Housing area
  3. Real Estate
  4. Highway
  5. Irrigation
  6. Etc

Jaya Arnikon is ready to cooperate with all agencies and all related sectors in the field of construction services and goods suppliers, both private and government, with full responsibility and mutual benefit. The trust given to us is an honor that will be maintained and carried out as well as possible in order to obtain a satisfactory result for both parties. For 12 years since its establishment, the company has experience in building construction in government agencies in the fields of education, health, banking, and offices. There are approximately 20 packages of construction projects that have been carried out.

Business Scope

PT Jaya Arnikon is a company engaged in the construction service company with the following scope:

Company’s address :

Office 1 Jaya Arnikon, Jl Padepokan Ganesha I No. B8 Semarang, Tel : (024) 6730898, Fax : (024) 6717505, Email :


General Contractor Covering the Fields of:

  1. Civil : Highway, Environmental Road.
  2. Buildings : -> Commercial Buildings : Office Buildings, Markets, Banking ; -> Health Buildings: Hospitals, Health Centers, Community Health Centers.
  3. Educational Buildings: Schools, Campuses.
  4. Other Buildings : Houses of Worship, Prisons/ Correctional Institutions, Parking Buildings

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