Social Program



The efforts of PT Jaya Arnikon in community service as a form of corporate concern in the social sector. The CSR program is one of the company’s priorities to realize the welfare of the community. In addition to collaborating with several social institutions, PT Jaya Arnikon has created an independent program by involving the surrounding community.

Social Institutions in collaboration with PT Jaya Arnikon:

  1. Yayasan Yatim Mandiri
  2. Yayasan Nurul Hayat
  3. YKAKI

TPQ, Islamic Boarding School and Tahfidz House:

  1. TPQ Al Hidayah
  2. Abu Bakar Islamic Boarding School
  3. Tahfidz Mijen’s house
  4. Tahfidz Salsabil Rumah’s house
  5. Tahfidz Al Mabrur . House
  6. Tahfidz Tegowanu’s house

Donations and assistance to several mosques and prayer rooms:

  1. Al Husna Ganesha Mosque
  2. Al Huda Elephant Mosque II
  3. Al Qiyam Mosque in Central Lamper
  4. Baiturrahim Rabbit Grand Mosque
  5. Al Muhajirin Mosque
  6. Miftahul Jannah Mosque Bintoro Raya
  7. etc